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Your Quality Management System KPI Dashboard

Isolocity’s KPI dashboard is at the center of your quality management system.  It collects all the essential data from your quality management system, and summarizes it in a way that is easily understood.  The KPI dashboard is the first screen you see when logging into your account.  The information is limited to things you need to do to keep your quality management system up to date.  There is no confusion on what needs to be done next.

The kpi dashboard is split into 3 sections: Open corrective action reports, key performance indicators, and action items.

kpi dashboard open corrective actions

Open Corrective Action Reports on the KPI Dashboard

The KPI dashboard will show you a quick summary of your open corrective action reports.  You will know what has to be done to get your quality management system up to date.  If you want to add a new corrective action report, this can be done directly from this section.

kpi dashboard key performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators on the KPI Dashboard

The key performance indicators make up the bulk of your KPI dashboard.  Among the most important of these is a graph showing your statistical process control calculation in real time. This is important data because when your trend-line moves towards the upper or lower control limits, you can stop production before creating waste.

kpi dashboard action items

Action Items on the KPI Dashboard

The action items allow you to see what actions are outstanding.  Following these will keep your quality management system up to date.  These items include open corrective action, an overdue calibration, a drawing waiting for approval, or any other action requiring attention.

Take Advantage Of Our Quality Management System KPI Dashboard Today

Sign up for your free trial now and enjoy the ease and efficiency of managing your quality management system from a KPI dashboard.  Your trial will include a free training session and 30-days free with no obligation. We can even assist with your data migration to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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