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Benefits of Isolocity’s Document Control Module

Document control is an essential part of any quality management system, we have built this module into Isolocity in an intuitive way so you can quickly start uploading and managing documents immediately.  Below is an outline of the key features of our document control module.

Single Document Control Point For All Users

Document Control In The Cloud

Having a single document control point for all quality management system users allows common file organization through the company.  Since all users are seeing the same set of documents from anywhere in the world, this keeps the users consistent.

Because quality management documents are stored in our cloud, space on your company’s server or employee computers can be saved for other uses and decrease your need for upgrades.

Document Control That Ensures Proper Revision Use

Document Control For Correct Version Use

Because documents are so easily archived and replaced, it takes only seconds to ensure proper document versions are being used.  Since old document versions will be archived, it’s easy for users to understand what version is appropriate for use.

In the event of an audit, it is easy to demonstrate your document control process and prove that correct versions are always in use.

Easy To Use

Isolocity offers a simple way to manage your company’s quality documents in the cloud.  The following features are offered in our document management module:

  • Simple document up-loader
  • Quick save – minimal labeling and auto-fill features
  • One-click archiving
  • One-click downloading

Start Using Our Document Control Module Today

Sign up for your free trial now and keep your company’s quality management documents organized and up to date.  We will take care of data migration and throw in a free training session so you can use your 30-day free trial to use the system in a meaningful way.