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Corrective Action Reports In Your Quality Management System

Corrective action reports are at the center of any quality management system.  We have built a corrective action report module into Isolocity’s quality management software in order to make this process more seamless for the user.  Below we compare the corrective action reports in a paper system vs. Isolocity in order to demonstrate the advantages of Isolocity.

Compare Errors With Isolocity

Paper System Errors Happen Before You Catch Them

The downfalls of a paper quality management system begin before the product ever comes off the line.  Statistical process control is often not in real time, and therefore a machines requiring maintenance is not detected until a faulty product comes off the line.  This means waste for the manufacturer.

Corrective Action Report - SPC

Isolocity Catches Errors Before They Happen

Isolocity offers you real-time statistical process control, the graph is updated on your dashboard as each part is inspected.  This graph will allow you to see if a machine maintenance is required before waste is created.  This reduces the need for administrative tasks like corrective action reports.

Compare Capturing Errors With Isolocity

Quality Manager Catches Errors In A Paper System

In a paper quality management system, the quality manager is often not aware of issues requiring corrective action reports until quarantined products are discovered on the shop floor.


Corrective Action Report - Part Inspector

Part Inspector Catches Errors With Isolocity

With Isolocity, the part inspector can initiate a corrective action report directly from a failed part inspection in one click.  He can select the error code from a drop-down menu and save it for the quality manager to finish.

Compare Correction Action Reports With Isolocity

Paper System Corrective Action Reports Are From Scratch

Once quarantined products are discovered, the quality manager will then initiate a corrective action report from a blank template, having to reference the order information and the list of error codes.

Corrective Action Report Completion

Corrective Action Reports Are Almost Completed With Isolocity

With Isolocity, the quality manager is queued with the incomplete corrective action report saved by the part inspector.  He only has to fill out the immediate action, root cause, and preventative action fields.

Compare Corrective Action Report Checkpoints With Isolocity

Manual Scheduling of Checkpoints In A Paper System

Once the paperwork is done to open the corrective action report, the quality manager needs to keep track of the checkpoints for verifying the corrective action report’s effectiveness and ultimately closing it.

Corrective Action Report Schedule

Automated CAR Checkpoint Reminders In Isolocity

Isolocity will remind the quality manager of the corrective action report checkpoints in the action items.  This is especially beneficial when the quality manager is juggling multiple corrective action reports at once.

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